We have Alah (translated)

From where shall I start? From wasted blood? Or destructed houses?  Or even torn away limbs? Or maybe from the miserable mothers looking for their sons’ bodies wishing they aren’t dead?

A new war is featured in this conflict between the right and the wrong, or even between the good and the bad,  horrible sounds arise again, resistance songs are frequently played. Advanced warplanes, warships, tanks, bombs, missiles, shells, gases, warnings, calls, flares, what’s next!!

A family after another carrying what’s left from their family and beloved shreds, looking for an imaginary refuge to protect them from missiles that target rocks and trees. A bride kissing her fiancé blaming him that he didn’t give her a call to say goodbye.  An infant looking for his mother to get his last sip of milk, how did she bare to leave him alone growing without her care and love, or rather being feed on the processed, cheap milk! A father crying over his house ruins, waiting the ambulance to help him lifting the dead ones– not giving any attention to the cut in his leg. A little girl with a throat that dried from shouting; her dad was gone, she knows that he went to heaven; although, she’s still shouting with what’s left from her soul hoping he’ll come back and take her with him. A mother crying over her son’s shoe as it’s the only thing that was left, blaming herself that she couldn’t force him to stay – or at least give him a farewell hug. A paramedic crying over his brother’s body which he recognized while serving at the hospital. A volunteer screaming in the neighbourhood if there is “any survivor!”. The attack is still going and despite this all, life will go on and Palestine will never die.

 Massacre follows another, taking away what’s left from Palestinians lives. Stealing the happiness from a mother celebrating her new born. Destroying childrens’ dream, of growing up in a safe society away from killing and murdering! What’s left to take? What’s next?!!




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